Instant project management for your GitHub issues

HuBoard is built from the ground up using the GitHub public API. HuBoard issues are GitHub issues, you will never have to deal with synchronization problems. Keep issues where they belong, in the repository with your code!

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Lightweight Kanban Board

Fully customizable task board gives developers instant feedback into the status of tasks throughout your progress.

Three state multi faceted filtering

Clicking a filter once will dim out issues that don’t match, click again and they disappear. Filters can be mixed and matched to help you narrow down exactly what you need to work on.

Drag to assign issues

Quickly assign issues by dragging your avatar onto the card.

Prioritize your work

Drag your most important issues to the top, HuBoard will remember what needs to be worked on next.

Drag issues between milestones

Dragging issues between milestones provides a MUCH needed complement to an amazing feature from GitHub. No more spending hours checking checkboxes and paging through GitHub's awkward grid view.

Powerful integrations

Keep your entire team informed on your work, with HuBoard's powerful integrations with amazing applications like Slack, HipChat and Gitter

Loved by…

  • “We're a distributed team that loves markers and paper. When we can't all be in the same place, HuBoard is the best alternative we've found to a nice sharpie and some index cards. Plus, Github. HuBoard is the animated gifs of kanban style Github issue management.”

    Chris McAvoy (avatar)
    Chris McAvoy CTO at Mozilla Open Badges
  • “HuBoard brought together the two key features I needed for projects I was leading. It's open source, integrates with GitHub issues, and has an extremely simple and clean approach to the UX. This has made it my go to for kanban with a remote, fast moving, and high caliber team. Oh, and forgot to mention, the drag and drop for those that don't want to dig around the issues on GitHub is a life saver! ”

    Adron Hall (avatar)
    Adron Hall CTO at
  • “I love that HuBoard enables us to keep our development tasks AND our project management tasks in a single repository (GitHub Issues). HuBoard provides the best fusion between development and product management I've ever seen. It lets us stay light and nimble while providing the same level of accountability and trace-ability of a big ALM tool. HuBoard blows the heavy 'enterprisey' ALM tools out of the water AND keeps my developers happy! ”

    Chad Myers (avatar)
    Chad Myers Director of Development at Dovetail Software

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